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Hi! I recently began blogging and I actually have my own blog now. My question is, how and where do you get the blog buttons? I would appreciate any feedback or help. Thanks so much. Robin (bigbird)


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Hi Anne, I actually made mine in Picnik.  It was not as difficult as I thought.  I tried to look for the original article that I used to guide me, but I deleted it.  I think this one is similar... click HERE

If you are not up to it, and are able to explain what you want, you can hire a designer for a fee.  I would find a button you admire, find out who designed it, and take it from there.  I hope that helps!


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Dear Robin:

Here is an online page with directions about how one blogger made her own button:  http://mscraftynyla.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-i-made-my-new-logo.html

And did you know we have a page to tech help tutorials for bloggers?  It is at http://www.weteachgroup.com/group/weteachblogswelove/page/tech-help...

I have had some buttons designed by a teenager who is fabulous and a button doesn't cost very much.  Her prices are online.  Here is her site:  http://project3designs.blogspot.com/

I hope these links help you!  I'm following your blog now.  Carolyn


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