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I mentioned my site That's Math! (www.thatsmath.com) in another thread. Someone mentioned they'd like to know more about how it got started. I thought I would share in hopes of giving some inspiration to others.

That's Math! is a site we created to help parents know what to say and do (without books, pencil and paper) to support their kids in learning math. It's aligned with the CCSS and has activities for 2 year olds through 5th graders.

My brother and I work on it together - and it's a tough gig. Because everything is aligned with the CCSS, we have to think hard on things parents can do - without overwhelming them or requiring pencil and paper.

Each post has nine different things, too - one for each age/grade. And we make sure to have a photo that's pinnable so others can share more easily.

And since Little Brother just moved to California (I'm in Texas), it's even more of a challenge. We have skype, but sometimes it's still really challenging getting together.

So how about you? Do you see a need for something out there? Do you have an idea of how to fill it?

Go for it! We all have skills, talents and gifts. Don't be selfish and hold them in. Share them!

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Love this story! Thanks for answering my question. You have done an amazing job on the site. I plan to share it and hope many parents find your site and use many of your ideas. 

I agree that we should share skills and talents to fill a need. It feels great to help others. You and your brother have made a helpful user friendly site with really good ideas. You are filling a need for kids to get a good start with math. Parents are in the right situations to help their children understand math in a way teachers can't.

I'm seriously super impressed with your site. 


What do you think about throwing an 'about' or author page on the site? I LOVE to read about the creators so I know the site is legit and the information is valid. And your resume? LInk to it and people will be hooked.

LOVE it and cannot wait to share and promote.



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