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Help on Planning a 3 hour Halloween Party for Preschoolers!

I've just taken a job as the lead teacher of three sessions of preschool. Halloween is coming up and is a big deal at the school where I'm working, and I'm struggling to figure out a plan for my Halloween parties.

I'll be having three parties for my three groups- two on one day, one the next. I'll have kids and parents for the entire 3-hour block, and because of space, we have to have our party in an larger, empty classroom in a different part of the building. 

I'm planning on offering craft and game centers to be run by parents. However, that will not take up 3 hours of our time! What other activities could I included that would involve both children and parents (it's my understanding that most children have a parent or grandparent come with them). 

Also, should I send out a form to be returned telling me who will be attending so I can get a number, or just plan on one adult per child?

Any suggestions would be fantastic!


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What about some painting projects: paint a pumpkin together, stamp paint with pumpkin cookie cutters, rip and glue pumpkin craft

Write a story together after reading the whole book There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bat. 

Parent could interview their child: 10 questions about the child's favorites

WOW. Sara--that's a lot going on my friend, but here's a link to a post (not being self-promoting and annoying at all but it may help?)

  • http://teachmama.com/2012/10/halloween-learning-ideas-silly-and-sca...
  • and add a game or two of costume musical chairs,
  • kids ice their own cupcakes (?)
  • string orange noodle necklaces?
  • you will HAVE to do some low-key activities like throwing on a halloween 30 min show or something--3 hour party is LOOOONG unless there's a parade aroudn the school?

good luck! and let us know how it goes!!

Besides crafts and games, how about a story time and singing songs. Can you do food? If so, then snacks! Snacks always eat up plenty of time! And you can also have the parents do "trick or treat" centers and give out pencils, erasers, stickers. The kids can parade from one trick or treat spot to the other.

I would defintely want a head count but understand that it might flex a little...nothing like planning for 20 and having 25 show up then you have to scurry for extras.  Also, you don't want to waste time prepping for 20 when only five are coming.  (Always be prepared with few extras for unexpected attendees though!)


Have an welcome song, ice breaker to get everyone comfortable!  Then perhaps a two(or three) different centers with an activity such as Spider Webs yarn painting and Daddy-Long Legs with black plates and black paper strips and Decorate a Paper Pumpkin...offer enough time for each center. 

Split your activities up into time blocks and have a Circle time in between. Circle can include a story, finger play or a song maybe make it interactive where the kids get to play a part.  Then have a snack time with build your own monster snacks.  Perhaps then, two or three game centers, Bowling Pumpkins, Bean Bag toss and Pin the tail on the Cat. Then have a whole group Monster Mash Freeze game.  Back to Circle and finish up with a live action version of The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything story book.  Say Boo and Goodbye! 

The nice thing about circling up between activities is that parents can help clean up and set up while you entertain kiddos, if your space is limited.  The build your own snacks, gathered ahead with graham or cookie-few m&m, mini pretzels, mini marshies in a bowl, then a spoonful of "glue" (frosting).  Have extra for those that drop or need more glue. 

In the art centers I would have one with minimal paint(yarn painting or marble paintings), one area that uses glues sticks and one that includes crayons, markers and stickers.  The kids should stand and not sit, it tends to keep them busy and moving on to the next center though you want to encourage them to finish.  Have a paint rack handy!!


Have Fun! Lisa


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