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Share the link to your Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Hi WeTeach Members!

I've been making printables for some time now, but just opened shop on Teachers Pay Teachers last week.  Another WeTeach member and I were discussing how it would be nice to have a list of others' stores (whether through Teacher's Notebook, Teachers Pay Teachers, or other sites) so we could support one another.

So, if you have a store, would you...

1. share your store's link

2. give a brief description of the kinds of things you have in your store

I'll go first:

1. teacherspayteachers.com/Store/This-Reading-Mama

2. FREE printables regarding early literacy (Pre-K through 2nd grade mostly)

Now, it's your turn! :)



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1.  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Wise-Owl-Factory

2.  I have about 40 lessons and about 1/2 are free, and most are for K-2 in reading and math

This is a good idea, Becky!  Carolyn



I have ELA, Math, Classroom Management, and Decor printables in my store.  Some are free, and some are paid.  My most popular item (out of the 47 items in my store) is the Common Core  Math Journal Bundle with prompts on each page.  Pages are not numbered in order for you to arrange or use with your curriculum sequence. 

This is a great idea!



Maggie’s Kinder Corner

Tomorrow I'll look it over and links to your products!  Thanks so much, Carolyn

I've been a seller on TPT and Teachers Notebook for a little less than a year and worked incredibly hard at my second job (mornings, nights, weekends and vacations) creating over 100 items! I have learned a lot since I first started creating! 

My shop has a little bit of everything (for grades K-3 mostly)~SMARTBoard lessons, PowerPoints, loads of printable activities, crafts, literacy units, Common Core goodies, posters, binder covers, comprehension packets, classroom decor sets, commercial use fonts and graphics and more. I change up my freebies ( many are seasonal and holiday items) often and give many away through my blog too! Good thinking and good luck with your new shop! 





Creative Lesson Cafe


Tomorrow I'll look it over and links to your products!  Thanks so much, Carolyn

That's a great suggestion. I have also set up a store at TPT and my store address is 

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Readyteacher. Since I am a K-5 library teacher, most of my resource are literacy based. For free resources, visit my website at 


My learnist page is http://learni.st/users/shazianomi/boards/5615-books-media-and-more

Glad to be part of this supportive community of teachers!

1. http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Hearmyhands

2. sign language printables (I'm new but I have some great things going up for Valentine's Day, St Pattys, seasons, and more!)

Hi, Hear my hands, I went to your store and left you two ratings. I hope they help. Very interesting!

Carolyn, Thank you so much! 

I'm very new to TPT but I'm trying :) 

I just started looking into the graphics (any suggestions welcomed!) versus google images so everything is legit and I have a designer creating my signs :) so these upcoming handouts are super cute :)



It is fun! You are on your way. The TpT forum has a wealth of information so you can search by keyword there, too.

Hi Kristy!

I visited your shop this morning. I especially like your name and your shop image is very cute and colorful! It looks like you have a lot of great resources there, some fantastic freebies and are well on your way!

I know you said you are working on them, but teachers rely on the thumbnail cover images to get an idea of the wonderful content inside. There are lots of tutorials out there for creating images in Paint and other programs or use the thumbnail generator in your TPT dashboard in the meantime. No doubt your designer will come up with something outstanding for you!

I have invested lots of money in commercial use graphics but I know that with proper credit, they are safe to use. Most of mine come from TPT and Teachers Notebook sellers. 

Hope this helps! :)



Thanks Jeannine

Yes It's a work in progress. I'm on maternity leave starting tmrw and hoping to designate more time to this on leave (like I won't have other things to do! lol)

Thanks for the tip about the thumbnails - I was thinking about that last week. 


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