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I'm curious what's out there!


Link up your's or other posts that you find and love that dig into ways of engaging those fine motor skills.


If you do link up someone else's post - be sure to tell us whose it is and their blog name in the link.

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Spaghetti Noodle Lacing is a fun one.


Holes in the Alphabet is neat too!

Thanks so much for sharing those! I love your ideas! The Spaghetti lacing is AWESOME (I shared it on FB) - we will definitely have to try it!

Here are two of mine:

Fruity-O's Rainbow

Counting 1-5: Grain Bins & Cupcakes


I'm way behind in reading posts - so as I go through them tonight I'll link any that I find that emphasize fine-motor skills :)

Here's my latest post that has some fine motor skills:

Dandelion Picking - we made a hat out of it too!


I also did a take on your idea Nicole - Spaghetti Noodle Threading

I just found a couple great ones that I'd like to share:

Weaving Loom from My Home Spun Threads

Beading with Straws from Frugal Family Fun Blog


Anyone have more to share?


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