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I stumbled across some 1st grade classrooms on Twitter the other day and decided to set up my own class account. I'm not yet sure how I want to go about using it, but I think it has some great possibilities. Do any of you use Twitter? If so, what do you use it for? If you're interested in following us, our name is descamps_grade1


Shannon Descamps


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I use twitter mainly for my personal professional growth - like following @teachmama and @teachingwithsoul. I love it when tweets that share classroom projects and students opinions show up in my feed. I also work to reply as fast as I can when students tweet me to explore and comment on their online work. Congratulations to you for taking the jump in connecting your students with learners around the world!

I use Twitter as a great way to build my PLN. By following certain hashtags: #education #edtech #edchat , you can learn a lot from other educators! 

I just came across this fantastic twitter account from the historical society in Frederick County Maryland - https://twitter.com/guessthedog. Guess the dog posts local history information with great inquiry questions for students to explore. Even if you don't have something similar, you could set up a similar account to use with your students, or ask similar questions.


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