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I'm starting this ongoing discussion thread for the purpose of sharing materials and resources by members of the Homeschool We Teach group.  If you have ideas or materials to share, they can be posted on this discussion.  Please have a photo of up to 250 X 250 with your post so people can visually notice new postings and they won't have to read the comments until where they last left off.  Thank you so much, Carolyn

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(screen shot from new, free online Algebra 1 course at sascurriculumpathways.com)

Hello. I'm a homeschooling Mom of 4, one graduated and attending community college, one in high school, and two elementary. Over the years, I have been compiling links to many free resources I have used, plan to use, or come across. For my own sanity, I started organizing them all in one place, which became my home education website, unSocialized. Links are listed by subject and there are other posts and things on there too. I also write for Examiner, and have a running list of links to free online high school courses and resources, also listed by subject: http://www.examiner.com/article/a-high-school-course-of-study-with-...  My latest article for Examiner focuses on free resources just for math: http://www.examiner.com/article/free-curriculum-for-homeschooling-math  I hope the homeschooling community will find these useful. 

Great, Trak!  This is so kind of you to share your site and give us all these links.  It will help many people!  Carolyn

Hey friends, 

We are going to be featuring homeschooling resources in an upcoming we teach chat. 

 I would really love some homeschool resources on these topics:

  • Homeschooling Success Stories
  • Homeschooling curriculum (if you create one or if you have reviewed curriculums, etc)
  • Setting up a home learning environment

If you have other homeschooling resource ideas, I'd love to see those as well. Thanks!



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