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  • we teach: Pinterest Collaborators

    144 members Latest Activity: Sep 4, 2014

    This group is meant to help "we teach" members organize collective pinterest boards.…

  • we teach: local workshops

    6 members Latest Activity: Oct 13, 2013

    We're all of the folks who attended the #weteach local workshops in DC, Orlando, Seattle, & Silicon Valley.

    A great place to…

  • we teach: welcome!

    20 members Latest Activity: Oct 21, 2013 give us the skinny and say 'hello'

  • We Teach Tutors

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 13, 2014

    A place where tutors can come to share ideas, challenges, resources and success stories.

  • We Teach Gifted and Enrichment

    8 members Latest Activity: Aug 22, 2013

    This group was created to support teachers in meeting the needs of students who either need enrichment or have been identified as Gifted. My…

  • Handwriting Help!!

    5 members Latest Activity: Sep 12, 2012

    Handwriting Help!

    Over the years, children's handwriting has become weak due to technology and the lack of using the muscles in the palm. …

  • Christian Education

    34 members Latest Activity: Apr 26, 2014

  • we teach: summertime learning

    28 members Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2014

    anything and everything summer learning: book and literacy resources, ideas, campaigns, blog hops, learning games, challenges, you name it!

  • We Teach on Google+

    30 members Latest Activity: Jan 17, 2014

    Google+ for those who love collaborating with others in order to elevate our educations, encourage our passions, and support our…

  • Public School +Home

    20 members Latest Activity: Aug 8, 2013

    Balancing home learning projects with our kids' public school curriculum. 

  • We Teach BOYS!

    86 members Latest Activity: Jan 17, 2014

    Are you the parent and/or teacher of boys? If you homeschool them or teach them in a traditional classroom...this is the place where we can share,…

  • We Teach First Grade

    64 members Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2014 Calling all first grade teachers.  Let's get together and share some great ideas for teaching first graders!  First grade teachers in the past,…

  • American Sign Language

    28 members Latest Activity: Jun 15, 2013

    Come sign with us and learn how to incorporate sign language into your everyday learning. ASL is fun to learn and is a multi-sensory language,…

  • We Teach Preschool

    141 members Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2014

  • We Teach Everywhere!

    31 members Latest Activity: Mar 31 As teachers, we strive to spread learning both in and out of the classroom.  What are ways in which you teach outside of the classroom?

  • We Teach Kindergarten!

    186 members Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2014

    We are a group of Kindergarten teachers that love to share and inspire, grow and learn in all things Kindergarten!

    ll of the ways…

  • Sensory Integration

    37 members Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2014

    It is always tricky to get a student to a just right place when doing a teacher directed/focused activity.  I love brainstorming sensory calming…

  • We Teach Montessori

    143 members Latest Activity: Apr 26, 2014

    A place for Montessori teachers, Montessori homeschoolers, and parents who want to use Montessori principles at home!…

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