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If you are like us, your vegetable garden has probably taken off and your kids may be asking for reminders as to what you planted together. We’re enjoying our strawberries, but our veggies are a few months away, so we decided to do a taste test to keep fresh in our minds what we have growing. Below you will find out taste test recording sheet.

Veggie Taste Test

My girls used star stickers to place after each vegetable in the “Yummy” or “Maybe Next Time” columns. Luckily, they thought they were all yummy – even the radishes! It gave us a chance to discuss different tastes: sweet, bitter, and spicy (which actually isn’t a taste, but a sensation of pain), as we’re beginning to learn about the sense of taste. It also lent itself to a good vocabulary lesson, as the word “column” was new to them. We will revisit this recording sheet when our vegetables are ripe and ready for picking.

Click on the picture to enjoy the resource to use with your own kids!

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